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Information network
RRC Photo File The River Restoration Centre offers technical advice and information on specific projects as well asgeneral river restoration related advice. Queries on all aspects of river management are dealt with through the Centre staff and our network of Advisors who have a wealth of practical experience in river engineering, hydrology, geomorphology, ecology and river management. If we can't answer your query then we'll give you the contact details for someone that can through our referral service which incorporates a catalogue of practitioners, product suppliers and specialist consultants.

RRC Photo 			        FileDetailed Project Advice
Specific project advice often can't be given over the phone as every river is unique. A site visit may be necessary which can be agreed by discounted services to organisation, individual and student members or as part of a service level agreement between Corporate members and the Centre. We are a not-for-profit organisation therefore charges for additional time and services over and above your membership benefits are charged solely to cover our costs and keep the Centre here for you. Where budgets can't stretch to site visits RRC can provide more general written comments on river restoration and enhancement proposals if provided with detailed project information, although this is less beneficial.

Click here to go to RRC Case Studies.

Project Searches
If you wish to find out about river restoration and enhancement schemes in your area you can contact the Centre and request a search through our inventory of UK river projects which currently totals around 1,040 schemes spread throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. We can also point you to other sources of informationRRC Photo File including manuals and texts on river restoration and enhancement.

Promotion and training
We provide river restoration training workshops which can be tailored to meet the needs of individual organisations. For more information on workshops go to the Conferences and Workshops page on the sidebar menu. RRC is often asked to give presentations at relevant seminars and conferences or to give tours of river restoration projects. For a list of presentations and tours given click here.

Enquiries will be answered by email, fax, phone or site visit. The level of advice and assistance given is up to you and your membership of the Centre.

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